• platforms for innovation

    Panel 2013

    Platforms for Innovation


    This panel discussed realistic expectations for sub-orbital platforms.  The vehicles being developed by the panelists are all platforms for innovation.

  • simpson

    Keynote 2013

    Go for Staging



    "Looking back on the first 9 years of ISPCS was an inspiration."

  • shotwell

    Keynote 2013

    The Space Revolution


    Ms. Shotwell addressed the success, challenges and lessons learned in the SpaceX journey.

  • Jon Gertner

    Keynote 2013

    Inside Bell Labs' Idea Factory



    The Idea Factory:  Bell Labs and the Great Age of American Innovation, author Jon Gertner discussed platforms for innovation in relationship to space technologies and innovative platforms.

  • ladwig

    Keynote 2013

    Risk and Reward



    "I look forward to the stories and revelations the early space flight participants will have to share once they assume the risks and are rewarded with the opportunity to make their dreams come true – and to start over," Alan Ladwig


  • Duane Ratliff

    Keynote 2013

    Commercial Utilization of ISS  

    Mr. Ratliff, COO, CASIS, addressed a big question about conducting research in microgravity: “Is there a there, there?"

  • Keynote Roundtable

    Panel 2013

    Keynote Speaker Roundtable


    The Speaker Roundtable discussed the purpose of commercial human spaceflight and related product development on ISS.

  • Env that foster innovation

    Panel 2013

    Environments that Foster Innovation

    Future leaders of the commercial space industry gave insight into how their respective companies created compelling work environments that nurtured their creativity and pioneering ideas.

  • elbon keynote

    Keynote 2013

    ISS-The Foundation of Exploration 


    Mr. Elbon's long history with ISS from the design, through to construction, provided the audience with the primary source information on the capacity of ISS to meet future growth as we increase access and use of ISS.

  • network

    What Makes ISPCS Different?

    NM Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum


     ISPCS offers a unique and intimate setting that allows for unprecedented access to high quality networking. 


  • andy aldrin

    After Hours Networking Reception 2013

    Andrew Aldrin & Erica Wagner



    One-on-one dialog, Andy Aldrin, BD with ULA, Erica Wagner, BD with Blue Origin. Opportunity and direct access to industry leadership is the norm at ISPCS.

  • happy trails

    Happy Trails Reception 2013

    De La Vega's Pecan Grill & Brewery


    One last chance for new friends, collaborators, the well-traveled and well-informed to keep talking until they meet again on the trail. Other local sponsors include:  The Game, La Posta, Double Eagle, & M5 Martini Grill

  • dinner

    Dinner 2013





    JACOBS sponsored Chef Robert's three course dinner. No one goes hungry at ISPCS and we are proud of our local garden to table approach. Its the New Mexico hand crafted approach to all events that allows our colleagues time to enjoy the unexpected. 

  • industry reception

    Industry Reception 2013

    Las Cruces Sun News



    ISPCS offered yet another opportunity to collaborate personally with the industry’s key leaders during the sunset hour.


  • lunch

    Lunch on the Patio 2013

    ATK & The Space Foundation



    Sponsored lunches where attendees enjoyed traditional New Mexican cuisine while dining personally with all our speakers, sponsors and exhibitiors.   

  • govt is ready to buy

    Panel 2013

    When Government is Ready to Buy...


    The panel discussed their progress under the Commercial Crew and Cargo Programs, the benefits of the program & upcoming challenges.

  • market place

    Panel 2013

    The Market Place


    The companies represented on this panel worked to shape their long-term future through innovative &  near-term marketing tactics.

  • hot topics

    Panel 2013

    Hot Topics




    This session focused on hot button issues critical to the commercial space industry.  Attendees learned how to assess and manage risks involved with insurance and intellectual property.

  • Opening Reception

    Opening Reception 2013

    AIAA Opening Reception 2013 



    The ISPCS Opening Reception is sponsored annually by AIAA and held at Hotel Encato de Las Cruces.

We would like to thank all our Sponsors

For the past 10 years, ISPCS has set the industry standard for commercial space conferences. ISPCS offers an intimate setting that fosters unrivaled networking, an agenda rich in content, and it is the only conference focused on the commercial space industry. If the space industry, space exploration, military, civil or commercial spaceflight, or human space travel interest you, if you want to invest, learn about the latest trends or meet our leaders, ISPCS is the place to be for two days of intense interaction.

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