• Jon Gertner

    Keynote 2013

    Inside Bell Labs' Idea Factory



    The Idea Factory:  Bell Labs and the Great Age of American Innovation, author Jon Gertner discussed platforms for innovation in relationship to space technologies and innovative platforms.

  • elbon keynote

    Keynote 2013

    ISS-The Foundation of Exploration 


    Mr. Elbon's long history with ISS from the design, through to construction, provided the audience with the primary source information on the capacity of ISS to meet future growth as we increase access and use of ISS.

  • govt is ready to buy

    Panel 2013

    When Government is Ready to Buy...


    The panel discussed their progress under the Commercial Crew and Cargo Programs, the benefits of the program & upcoming challenges.

  • platforms for innovation

    Panel 2013

    Platforms for Innovation


    This panel discussed realistic expectations for sub-orbital platforms.  The vehicles being developed by the panelists are all platforms for innovation.

  • shotwell

    Keynote 2013

    The Space Revolution


    Ms. Shotwell addressed the success, challenges and lessons learned in the SpaceX journey.

  • Duane Ratliff

    Keynote 2013

    Commercial Utilization of ISS  

    Mr. Ratliff, COO, CASIS, addressed a big question about conducting research in microgravity: “Is there a there, there?"

  • Keynote Roundtable

    Panel 2013

    Keynote Speaker Roundtable


    The Speaker Roundtable discussed the purpose of commercial human spaceflight and related product development on ISS.


Confirmed Speakers as of 7.17.14

  • Bretton Alexander, Director, Business Development and Strategy, Blue Origin

  • Chris Boshuizen, Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer, Planet Labs Inc.

  • Scott Colloredo, Director of Center Planning and Development,  NASA Kennedy Space Center

  • Ariane Cornell, Blue Origin

  • Jason Crusan, Director, Advanced Exploration Systems Division, Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate, NASA

  • Bill Gerstenmaier, Associate Administrator, Human Exploration and Operations, NASA

  • Jeff Greason, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors, XCOR Aerospace

  • Paul Guthrie, Senior Economist and Business Development Lead, Tauri Group

  • Wayne Hale, Consultant, Special Aerospace Services

  • Kevin Heath, CEO and President, Waypoint 2 Space

  • Laguduva “LK” Kubendran, Flight Opportunities Program Executive, NASA

  • Douglas L. Loverro, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Space Policy, DOD

  • Sandy Magnus, Executive Director, AIAA

  • Barry Matsumori, Vice President of Commercial Sales, SpaceX

  • Kenneth Miyagishima, Mayor, City of Las Cruces

  • Clay Mowry, President, Arianespace

  • George Nield, Associate Administrator, Commercial Space Transportation, FAA

  • Will Pomerantz, Vice President for Special Projects, Virgin Galactic

  • Jane Poynter, Co-Founder & President, Paragon Space Development Corporation

  • Duane Ratliff, Chief Operating Officer, NASA Liaison, CASIS

  • George Sowers, Vice President of Strategic Architecture, United Launch Alliance

  • James Vanderploeg, Chief Medical Officer, Virgin Galactic

  • George Whitesides, Chief Executive Officer, Virgin Galactic

  • Stuart Witt, Chief Executive Officer & General Manager, Mojave Air & Space Port

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