• platforms for innovation

    Panel 2013

    Platforms for Innovation


    This panel discussed realistic expectations for sub-orbital platforms.  The vehicles being developed by the panelists are all platforms for innovation.

  • Jon Gertner

    Keynote 2013

    Inside Bell Labs' Idea Factory



    The Idea Factory:  Bell Labs and the Great Age of American Innovation, author Jon Gertner discussed platforms for innovation in relationship to space technologies and innovative platforms.

  • Keynote Roundtable

    Panel 2013

    Keynote Speaker Roundtable


    The Speaker Roundtable discussed the purpose of commercial human spaceflight and related product development on ISS.

  • govt is ready to buy

    Panel 2013

    When Government is Ready to Buy...


    The panel discussed their progress under the Commercial Crew and Cargo Programs, the benefits of the program & upcoming challenges.


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